Visualized Technologies

Turning Asset Management and Design into Visualized Reality

CAD Service is at the forefront of merging asset management with cutting-edge visualization technologies. Our suite of solutions, including OpenCAD 2D, OpenCAD BIM, and OpenCAD Reality Viewer, forms a set of integrated solutions that redefine asset management.

We have made significant investments in migrating OpenCAD to the cloud, getting it bundled in EAM Facilities by the end of 2016 – an integration that brought additional capabilities for space planning and workspace management for users.

As technology and industry demands evolved, we have also embraced Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to bridge the gap between Engineering & Construction, and Operations & Maintenance, introducing OpenCAD BIM into EAM in 2019 to further enhance its capabilities.

The OpenCAD Reality Viewer, our latest CAD Service suite addition, addresses the rising demand for advanced asset management visualization. Leveraging OpenCAD 2D and BIM’s cloud innovations, it provides unmatched visualization, essential for modern asset management and design.

OpenCAD 2D

A revolutionary add-on integrating CAD technology into asset management, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making.


Bridging the gap between BIM technology and asset management, OpenCAD BIM offers an immersive and engaging interface for superior planning and maintenance.

OpenCAD Reality Viewer

A versatile tool that provides comprehensive visualization capabilities for asset management, transcending traditional limitations.