Cad Service, operating since 1989, as solver ICT in the field of Facility and Asset Management, as a software house for the design and implementation of software and provision of complementary services of installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service.

Company Profiles


Cad Service was founded in Parma in 1989 from professional experts in the world of architectural design, realizing the development of 'ICT in support of property management, has made its core business.

The continuing evolution of computing, today, stimulates demand for skills and technology increasingly broad and demanding, requiring partners prepared and efficient. In this context, it is possible to grow only by the quality of its mode of operation, providing quality services, implementing continuous investment in research and testing and devoting himself to the strict control of the activity.

Cad Service's commitment to quality is therefore as a method of work, especially in consideration that the shared objectives of our clients, our style. Knowing how to interpret the client's needs, work with reliability, accuracy and speed, is the standard by which we measure ourselves daily.



The Cad Service is certified development partner of Autodesk technology

Skills and organization of the Company


The skills of our people, focused particularly in the design, development and design of software platforms to support diverse application areas.
The current experience in the field of IT, business education comes from a typically moving software and services, with particular reference to finding solutions that integrate software systems developed and engineered in full, with standard market.
The Cad Service, in addition to developing proprietary software, committed to producing software applications, develops, distributes and supports software systems for multinational companies. The company has received several awards and certifications for technical development and support of computer products market standards.
The Cad Service is a founding member of a network of partner companies in the field of Information Technology in Italy active in the field of industry, utilities, retail distribution, and public administration.

The company has numerous references in the field of absolute importance to national agencies or companies, both public and private, large, developing with some of them, agreements or strategic partnerships, competitive development, for the supply of products and value-added services.

Cad Service has an ongoing partnership agreement with the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, on the topic of Real Estate & Space Management, methodology for the integrated management of real estate assets of the Public University.

















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