Cad Service Provider is proposed as a solution aimed at companies who own the properties or the management company, with the aim of improving information and knowledge on real estate. Therefore, it is highly structured as a service provider, to perform the activities for the creation and use of the database property, such as "information" and especially primary "dynamic" development of any development plan. The value of the service, the overall solution is very high in relation to the need to give information to the guarantee of reliability and constant updating. The high level of quality, provided in all work produced by the CAD Service, is fundamental to the shared objectives of committente.Cad Service, operating since 1989, as solver ICT in the field of Facility and Asset Management, as a software house for the design and implementation of software and provision of complementary services of installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service.

Design and consulting for implementation of information systems in the technical area real estate.


This service is provided through the following phases:

  • Study and analysis of the needs of the client, both in terms of technical, organizational, computer, and also training
  • Formulation of guidelines for the preparation of the project at various stages, identifying organizational tools, setting targets and economic storms
  • Provision of the information system for the management of real estate assets, consisting of the following subsystems:
  • management system graphics of space and technical activities and real estate facilities, document management and development of the dossier of the building
  • system for maintenance of buildings, equipment and systems, preparation of the maintenance, planning and control activities performed
  • system for the management of safety at work

Service population data for Atlante Immobiliare system


Implementation of the service population of the database, derived from the census or the rating of buildings and infrastructure therein. The service will be made in partial or total outsourcing, according to procedures specified by the design specifications and respecting differing timeframes provided by the customer.

Education service and training in the use of property management systems


Training activities, both on the software systems on operational activities will be structured in various modules, with reference to the activities that the organization of the client, users will require. The teaching modules are:

a) Knowledge: Demonstrates the knowledge of the technical terms, structure, systems, and various menu of available modules, the hardware and software systems in support of the command syntax and function.

b) Learning: guided through a simple example shows how to use the main controls in relation to the sequence of steps to activate.

c) Application: the learning of each function is tested with complete exercises requiring the application of knowledge and skills developed in teaching units. The result of this last phase is expressed by the creation of an example that exemplifies the work to be done for the entire path of the system to handle.

Analysis and advice for the implementation of procedures and methodologies for the development of real estate


Creating projects for the real estate development, done by the application of methods for assessing the performance of assets. These methods are the result of scientific research, carried out by university authorities, with whom they have established collaborative partnerships.

Service technical advisor for the preparation and administration of contracts related to property management


Advice aimed at creating the technical specifications to support procurement of property management, with special preparation of tender specifications.

Maintenance Service Data Bank


In collaboration with the human resources of the client, or a total outsourcing, will be provided a maintenance service (update) the database, graphics, documents and general information on the buildings of the customer, based on the use of management system and publication of data and reporting under contract with the client. The proposed service is in the activation of a contract to update data structured on two points:

  • activities and make a lump sum or several times a year (report, analysis, deviations, etc.)
  • activities required and performed according to the actual changes (for each building)

Service for planning and cost control based on space occupation


The service is based on the determination of surface charge of the various functional units of the Agency, through the Atlas system of property management. Through this service will be produced in timed mode, the files indicate that the land occupied, with the cost of common areas, so the customer can allocate costs by imputed rent.

Services provided through partner companies


  • Census of the real estate and infrastructure there in place, with a refund of a digital database (designs, plans plant, equipment and furniture, etc.)
  • Audit estimates on capital for real estate, checking the state of preservation and maintenance, especially for compliance, in light of the drafting of the "Due Diligence" heritage

































































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